I am an assistant professor to the Biblical Counseling department at Calvary University. I was formerly a psychological assistant at a recovery center, adjunct professor at San Diego Christian College, and the teaching elder at Potrero Community Church. Before becoming assistant professor at Calvary University I was an Academic Advisor for Southern California Seminary, as well as a content creator for the Taylor Study Method, and a student worker at SCS.

I was born in Fort Ord Monterey, but have resided in San Diego all of my life. Now I live in Missouri with my wife, Tanya, and my daughter, Wisdom. I received my BA in Psychology from Ashford University, and earned my Masters in Religious Studies (MRS), and Masters in Clinical Psychology (MACP) from SCS in 2011. In December 2016, I also completed my doctorate from Southern California Seminary (SCS). My future goal (Lord willing) is to become a professor in the long term, shepherd a fellowship, write books, and train other shepherds and laypeople to counsel from a Biblical worldview, using the therapeutic techniques I have learned in my graduate and post-graduate programs. Some of my recreational activities include spending time with family, listening to music, reading, writing, and studying personal areas of interest.